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/ blue smile

blue smile  a dance creation by Michèle Anne De Mey, 

SZENE Salzburg, 2023 / Impulstanz Wien, 2023

/ the collection

the collection  a dance creation by Olivier Dubois,

for SEAD Salzburg at SZENE Salzburg, May 2023

/ Decoding Bias

Decoding Bias  a spatial video essay by Theresa Reiwer,

Holzmarkt Berlin, 2023 | Dance & Motion Capturing

/ Magenta Haze

Magenta Haze  a dance creation by Milla Koistinen,

Radialsystem Berlin, 2022 / Erkko Hall Helsinki, 2022 /

Feminist Futures Festival, SZENE Salzburg, 2022

/ One Next To Me

One Next To Me  a dance creation To Me  by Milla Koistinen, Feminist Futures Festival, Tanzfabrik, Berlin, 2022

/ Newtopia

Newtopia  a dance piece by Patricia Apergi for BODHI PROJECT dance company, SZENE Salzburg, 2022 /

Athens Epidaurus Festival, Greece, 2022 /

Dance Days Chania, Greece, 2022

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