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In her works, multidisciplinary artist Birke van Maartens creates an interactive context between scenography, composed soundscapes, theatre, and dance. Light and sound installations frequently blur the line between scenery and prop as they become a part of the performers' choreography – aspects of Van Maartens' work that provide the attentive viewer with insights into the dance work in a multi-layered way.

As a female artist, Van Maartens is critically interested in challenging the desensitizing diminishing distance between technology and human being. Through her artistic processes, she investigates how digitalization is impacting human advancement, and examines the empowering possibilities of feminism within the complexity of today's fast-paced world.

By means of her creative methods and endeavors, she delves into the enigmatic and otherworldly nature of AI. Transcending all boundaries and distinctions, she emphasizes the essential and irreducible process of becoming, in which bodies and materials coalesce. Birke van Maartens raises questions to scrutinize the underlying principles of power and the beliefs it upholds by re-examining the ethical and artistic value of the inherent essence of our surroundings and the environment's resources, ultimately providing a revitalized perspective on the prevailing, established hierarchies.


As artist/ choreographer/ assistant choreographer/ rehearsal director/ artistic production assistant/ scenery designer/ sound designer/ costume designer/ writer/ production manager, Birke van Maartens works with artists like Theresa Reiwer (DE); Oded Graf (yossioded, ISR); Milla Koistinen (DE/FIN), Marion Sparber (Shared Levitation, DE); Anni Koskinen (Kinetic Orchestra, FIN); Patricia Apergi (Costume design for BODHI PROJECT Dance Company, AT); Iftach Vardi (Decoding Motion, ISR); Michael Langeneckert (moving orchestra, DE), and many more.


Contemporary Dance and Choreography

[Salzburg, Austria]

Contemporary Dance and Choreography

[Berlin, Germany]

Contemporary Dance

[Berlin, Germany]

P.A.R.T.S. - Performing Arts Research and Training Studios
[July 15th - August 16th, 2019] SUMMER SCHOOL 
[Brussels, Belgium]

SENECA Intensiv – Educational Programs for Artistic Movement
[January 2018 - March 2019] DANCE PEDAGOGY
[Berlin, Germany]

Fine Arts and Design

[Maastricht, Netherlands]

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